Happy 21st birthday Mr. Liam James Payne!!! 💟🎂🎈🎊

The little boy on the stage with Haz, he's name isn't Eric, haha!

Ya Lol its Cameron

Louis Tomlinson can look like an innocent boy at sometimes, but others he just looks like a sexy God.

I love all these types of collages that show the evolution of One Direction :) (I take no credit for actually editing the pics📷)

Niall wearing glasses is like the hottest thing ever…

Niall with always look like an innocent five year old that just wants to cuddle💖

I have always thought long and hard about this gif set…

I don’t even know what this picture just did to me

I don’t even know what this picture just did to me

I just thought I’d bring back the greatest twitter war ever…

Louis Tomlinson is the queen of sass and I will not let anyone tell me different!

Photo creds to whomever took these photos 📷…but omg the boys outfits and hair were just on point!

Louis Tomlinson ALS ice bucket challenge.

Harry Styles ALS challenge

Reblog if you agree that Niall’s laugh is one of the most amazing sounds on earth

Liam Payne ALS ice bucket challenge