where can i listen to steal my girl?

I would try YouTube or buy it on iTunes👍

So next I think that Liam should get a spoon suit, Niall should get a burger suit, and Zayn can do whatever he thinks will look great 😎✌👍

The Styles family is the cutest family to ever live.

Harry Styles is a cat

Niall and Ed are killing me man…

Is it just me or does Niall always make this face when he gets really into playing the guitar

I think they are trying to kill me…
AND NIALLS CHEST HAIR IS JUST SOOO…UGHHH!!!( 📷 photo credit to whoevers photos)*

His hair could probably make me die

I think One Direction is trying to wreck my emotions…
°First they drop Fireproof
°Next they announce the album release date
° Now we have Steal My Girl…….AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS????
•new video
•new interviews
•and everything else we want!
OK I’m gonna go cry now!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy NiAlL!!!

Harry + these jean shorts = happy me

I’m sorry if you don’t agree, but I personally think Theo is the cutest baby ever!

All this album stuff I really messing with my emotions….I’m all over the place man.

I love the fact that #proudoflouis is trending on twitter

I love the fact that #proudoflouis is trending on twitter